Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How To Stop Worrying

Worrying about things is human nature, it’s that nagging voice in the back of your head that reminds you that you might have left the oven on, or that you have an important exam coming up soon. In fact Healthy worrying is good for you; it protects you from burning down your house and letting you know that you should be studying. On the other hand unhealthy worrying can be disastrous to your mental health and your stress levels; I define unhealthy worrying as compulsive and in many cases irrational worrying. Compulsive worrying is when you worry about something for days or weeks on end or when you irrationally worry about a problem that has a very clear and easy solution. Compulsive worrying prevents you from being productive and being able to relax. How can you possibly concentrate on a task fully when a part of your conscious energy is being taken up by constantly thinking and worrying about something and how can you truly relax and unwind when you are torturing yourself by worrying about a problem.

My Philosophy is that you should only worry about a problem once and once only; this serves the purpose of making you aware that there is a problem and what it is, after this you should come up with a planned solution for the problem and execute it or if there is no solution, drop it there is-nothing you can do about it so what is the point of worrying about it. Follow the instructions below to achieve this.

How to stop worrying
When you notice that you are worried about something don’t leave it to figure itself out and put yourself through days or weeks of constant torture. Recognize that this is your bodies’ way of letting you know that you have a problem. Now simply sit yourself down and ask yourself thisone simple  question

Is there anything I can do about this problem and if so what is the solution?

Its out of your control
If you determine that there is nothing you can do about it then accept that it is out of your control and you are wasting time and energy worrying about it. An example of this kind of problem is worrying about what kind of weather tomorrow will have, Mother Nature has her own plans and there isn't anything you can do to change that so you might as well just accept it and get on with things.

Whats the solution
If there is a solution then figure out a plan of action that you will follow to solve the problem. You will have no good reason to worry about the problem anymore as you now know what you are going to do to solve it and thus it is no longer a problem and no longer requires you to worry about it. If you cant think of a solution on your own, Research it online or tell a friend or family member about your problem and ask them what they would do to solve it. An example of this is worrying about getting bad grades in a exam.You can make a study plan to make sure that you will cover and study all the material on the plan thoroughly thus ensuring that you get good grades.

Try out this technique on the main thing that is worrying you at the moment and free yourself from the prison that is worrying.

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